What Are The Benefits Of High Cube Shipping Containers?

As a customer you might not know that what is an exact difference between a standard and high cube-shipping container and this ignorance is certainly forgivable if you are to buy shipping containers or even renting one for the first time. Do not worry. You can simply can concentrate on the word HIGH and it can give you the idea that a high cube container refers to a container that is higher than a container of normal or standard size. Precisely, a foot higher or taller, and then you can think of driving of all the benefits of the extra height, and weight too. A high cube container is 9.6ft tall and a standard one 8.6ft, and there is a difference between the weight of the two, too. So, if you do not have much knowledge of the containers capacity you can safely ask for the high cube ones since they allow you the extra height.


There is no difference in the length of the standard and high cube shipping containers. Both of them come into 10, 20, 30 and 40 foot in size. The only difference is height and as above said the maximum difference in the height is approximately an extra foot so no matter what size of the container you chose if you are asking for a high cube container you can get it delivered. If search online the difference in the height can be clearly visible and can yourself tell which one is the high cube and which one the standard container.


There is no denial of the fact that an extra height of the container will mean extra weight of it. A high cube container of any size is heavier than a standard container of that size. For example, if a 40ft standard container weights 800lbs the high cube container will weigh about 8775lbs. However, as far as width is concerned there is no difference between the two and other specifications remain the same, too. However, you check for the standard weight allowed to be shipped in both of them.


Since the price of the containers keep fluctuating according to the trade demand and locations there might not be much difference between the prices of the containers of different cubes. Sometimes you might get a high cube-shipping container at a price competitive to the standard container. However, as the standard applies the extra height can translate into extra cost of buying or renting of the container. In case of lower demand for the high cube container you might be able to get one at a cheaper price.
You might also have look into the other issues such as the local municipal laws etc. as sometimes-high cub containers might not be allowed to be stored in your area. For other issues such as safety or transport concerns because of the extra height you might ask the company for an advisory note.